Program Descriptions

A variety of classes for those of all skill levels.

At Mo Tennis Training Academy, we believe that tennis is more than just a sport—it’s a lifelong journey of growth, challenge, and fun. That’s why we’ve designed a diverse array of classes to suit players at every stage of their tennis adventure. Whether you’re gripping a racquet for the first time or refining your competitive edge, Mo Tennis Training is your partner on the court.

Dive into the world of tennis with confidence. Our beginner classes focus on the fundamentals, from mastering your grip to perfecting your swing. Friendly, patient instructors will ensure you build a solid foundation, all while having a blast.

Ready to take your game up a notch? Our intermediate classes introduce dynamic strategies and techniques to enhance your play. Develop a deeper understanding of the game, improve your footwork, and start to uncover your unique style on the court.

No matter your age or level, Mo Tennis Training Academy has the perfect class to match your skill and ambition. With a variety of racquets and courts specifically tailored to help you thrive, you’re sure to find the right pace and challenge.

Join us at Mo Tennis Training Academy, where every game is an opportunity to play your way—from the first serve to the final point. Embrace the sport that evolves with you, and carry your love for tennis through every chapter of your life. Book your class today and experience the evolution of your game!


Ball Level Descriptions

Ball Level Progressions

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Red Ball

This program introduces the foundational skills of tennis with an oversize low-compression ball. Players will build tennis specific skills (agility, balance, coordination and speed) needed for long-term athletic development. At the end of the red ball program, players will have the beginning foundational skills necessary to serve, rally, and keep score.

Red Ball is for Ages 6-10
Beginner & Advanced Beginner

Orange Ball

This is the follow up program to Red Ball. Players will learn to maintain a rally when receiving more challenging shots, serve with improved placement, approach the net, and place volleys.

Orange Ball is for Ages 6-10
Beginner & Advanced Beginner

Green Ball

More advanced and improved serve, rally, score, and play at net in singles and doubles on a regulation sized court with a low-compression transition ball. Technique, footwork, appropriate grip and tactics are one of the main challenges in match play and with that being improved, the player is more likely to advance to the next level.

Green Ball is for Ages 8-11
Advanced Beginner & Intermediate


Players participate in drills and games that will provide a great workout while inspiring them to learn and love our favorite game. This class teaches advanced motor skills, coordination, tennis strokes, court awareness, and incorporates fun games. It also introduces them to point play, scoring, and basic strategy.

Beginner is for Ages 12-18
Beginner & Intermediate


Dedicated tournament players. Classes address all areas from fitness, conditioning and mental toughness to point play, live ball drilling, play patterns, match play and technique adjustments. Participants learn to incorporate power and different spins into their shot making. Shot patterns, proper footwork, offensive and defensive strategy will improve through drilling as well as supervised match play. Participants must understand rules and etiquette for match play, as this is a large aspect of our program.


Clinics will focus on proper technique, rally skills, and point play. The goal will be to provide a strong foundation to build upon.

Adult is for Ages 18+
Advanced Beginner & Intermediate

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