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Clinics & Lessons

Michelle’s trained team offer adult and junior classes for all ages and levels at the San Dieguito Tennis Club. The program provides a complete pathway of tennis development. Guest of the club are welcomed!

Lessons are taught by USPTA recommendations using progressions, and are designed to give students an individual approach to success while still having fun!

And yes, I offer classes for both juniors and adults. Ask me.

Types of Lessons

Adult & Junior

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Private Lessons

Group Clinics


Clinics are held on predetermined days and times.
You must register in advance.

Class Descriptions

A variety of classes for those of all skill levels.

The best thing about tennis is that it grows with you, with a wide array of racquets, balls and courts to match your level of play and athleticism. This allows you to play your game your way – from your first time out until deep into retirement.

Red Ball | Orange Ball | Green Ball | Beginner/Intermediate | Competitive | Adults


Pricing is based on how many lessons you attend, and are billed in monthly increments.

There is a set monthly schedule and you can choose from how many days per week you would like to attend.

Meet Michelle

Michelle Okhremchuk

Michelle is a former National Ukrainian Champion and was trained at the best academy in France by Patrick Mouratoglou (Serena Williams’ coach). She came to the states and played for the University of Nevada where she received a top NCAA ranking and achieved an all-time record with the most wins in the university’s history. Previously, she was ranked as #1 in Southern California in the Women’s Open Division.  She continues to work with a variety of levels, from juniors to adults.


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